KRK claims Bollywood Wants to Bully Him like Sushant

Kamaal R Khan usually known as KRK has now claimed that he is being harassed and bullied by the members of Hindi Cinema. Hurling this allegation the self-proclaimed critic and actor Kamaal R Khan said the treatment remains the same as the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput has faced in his life. This was the reason why Sushant wanted to leave Mumbai so that he can stay in peace. In his series of tweets, he said he will wage a war against such people in Bollywood alone without any fear. Well, you can check his tweet as under:

In his next tweet, he alleged that people in the B Town have been targeting him since past a decade and blamed the Congress government for the same. He went on to allege that it was the present Government led by Congress who is making him a Deshdrohi in their rule state.

In his next tweet, he called the Congress party as his biggest enemy, check the tweet as under: 

Mohd Ziyaullah Khan

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