Lucknow Meri Nazar Se – A web series by Travel Bloggers Vishu and Saumya

Lucknow is a city known for Lucknow is a city Lucknow is a city known for it’s tameez and tehzeeb across the world. Travel bloggers Vishu and Saumya blogging at Road to Taste were both born and raised in Lucknow. After 4 years of blogging at Road to Taste, Vishu and Saumya wanted to give it back to their society and make a web series on Lucknow. They titled the web series as Lucknow Meri Nazar Se and wanted everyone to look at the city of Nawbs through their eyes.

Lucknow is rich in history and culture and is also known for its delicious food. So when travel bloggers Vishu and Saumya wanted to take everyone on a journey of Lucknow they divided the story in 5 episodes. These episodes show the growth of Lucknow from the historic Nawab era to the present day modern Lucknow. The journey is embraced from the time of the Nawabs and the old Lucknow to the present day Lucknow which runs on metro lines and sky high modern infrastructure. Vishu and Saumya also focused on bringing the essence of Lucknow through the special delicacies of Lucknow and have one episode dedicated to the eateries in Lucknow.

The journey of Lucknow Meri Nazar Se by travel bloggers Vishu and Saumya start by both landing in their hometown Lucknow and taking us on a tour of old Lucknow through the lanes of Chowk and Aminabad. They also take us through historic monuments like Rumi Darwaza, Imambara and Bhool Bhulaiya in old Lucknow. Vishu and Saumya also take us on a gastronomic journey of old Lucknow as they explore dress ki Biryani, Prakash Kulfi and world famous Tundey Kebas in the first episode. The first episode ends on a note from the Nawab of Lucknow explaining the essence of Lucknow.

The second episode starts afresh with the aim of showing the best places to eat and shop in Lucknow. The day starts with special bun maska and chai at the famous Sharma Tea stall in Lalbagh. This shop has been there for ages and is still considered to be one of the best place for tea in the entire city. The day progresses with a breakfast at Madhurima Sweets followed by shopping at Aminabad and Hazratganj, the two main markets of Lucknow. They also show the places for lunch and evening snacks and chaat in Lucknow.

As the journey progresses in the 3rd episode, travel bloggers Vishu and Saumya show the evolution of Lucknow from the old Nawabi charm to the present day modern Lucknow. The 3rd episode showcases the latest developments in the city which includes the Lucknow Metro train services to the new parks and drives built in the city. This included the Ambedkar Memorial Park and the newly built Janeshwar Mishra Park. They also took us to the all new International Cricket Stadium called Ikana in Lucknow in this episode. The episode ended with a visit to the famous Fun Republic Mall in Lucknow which is known for its variety of brands it hosts followed by a dinner by travel bloggers Vishu and Saumya at the Novotel hotel.

The 4th episode of the web series Lucknow Meri Nazar Se by travel bloggers Vishu and Saumya was dedicated to the youth of Lucknow as it took them on a journey of the Best Hangout Places in Lucknow. This was a true delight to watch as they visited some of the most popular hangout places in Lucknow which also changed the perception of many of their followers. For people who thought of a Lucknow as an old city were suprised to see the young and energetic vibe of the city in this episode. This episode was a totally a treat to watch.

The 5th and the final episode of the web series was dedicated to those who made a difference to the society and were from Lucknow. As travel bloggers Vishu and Saumya blogging at RoadtoTaste always believe in giving it back to the society, they thought it will be best to make the last episode on people who made a difference. The episode started with a visit to the Pankaj Bhado uria Culinary Academy, an institute owned and run by the Master Chef India winner Mrs. Pankaj Bhadouria. She was the first Master Chef India winner who runs the academy to teach her students the nuances of culinary art. The next stop was an NGO called Self Employed Women Association (SEWA). SEWA is known for its exceptional work in Chikankari (a famous art form on fabric) in Lucknow for over 25 years now. This is an NGO run to help the women from different walks of life for them to be financially and socially independent using their skills. Next in line was the Sheroes cafe, a cafe run and managed by the acid attack survivors. The name She-roes is symbolic of the female heroes of our society who even after suffering from a horrific incident in her life choose not to give up and stand up for themselves. Vishu and Saumya spend good time with the acid attack warriors, talk to them and click pictures with them. The episode and the web series ends on an emotional note with everyone praising the work of travel bloggers Vishu and Saumya blogging at Road to Taste in the comments.

Lucknow Meri Nazar Se is a 5 episode web series conceptualized and executed by travel bloggers Vishu and Saumya blogging at Road to Taste. This web series was streamed on YouTube on the official channel of Road to Taste. Travel Bloggers Vishu and Saumya collaborated with various brands including UP Tourism, Novotel, Uber and others during the making of Lucknow Meri Nazar Se. The web series is tending on YouTube on Lucknow keyword and has over a million views as it takes you on a complete journey through the city making you nostalgic and leaving you speechless. Watch the trailer here.

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