‘Raata Nu’, the latest Punjabi track remixed by DJ Yogii, is on its way to becoming a chartbuster, featuring debutante Karishma Shetty.

Be it its lyrics, music, VFX or the remix by DJ Yogii; the song is becoming the hot favourite of many.

Amidst the trying times that we are living in right now, very few things have been able to help us come out of these dark times. People today are finding out reasons to keep a happy face these days, in the midst of so much that is happening. Music is considered to be a powerful potion since forever and it has also been noticed and even proved that music could give a new meaning to people’s lives, such is its power and potency. Our talents in the Indian music industry are much aware of the same, which is why they keep coming up with newer tracks that can take people to another world altogether. A recent Punjabi track has been doing the same, it has made people fall for it instantly and it has also become some of the listener’s favourite already. The song is called ‘Raata Nu’ and is growing momentum and recognition each passing day on YouTube.

What makes Raata Nu so special, you ask? Well, there are multiple reasons, but some of them include the debut of Karishma Shetty. This beautiful woman has emotive eyes and effortlessly plays around her facial expressions that look convincing on screen. Also, the fact that DJ Yogii has beautifully remixed the track takes it to another level. The Punjabi beats get affixed to your heart while keeping the true essence of the song intact, such is the beauty of the track, whose major credit must go to the people who envisioned the project, namely Amandeep Singh and Raaj Suri, who produced it.

The song has been directed by MG Mehul Gadani and the shots are beautifully captured by the DOP Manoj Shaw. The vocals by Ramya wants listeners to keep listening to her and the lyrics by Abhi are being hummed by almost all. Raata Nu is also gaining more presence in the music scene for its amazing music given by Teenu Arora. The cast of the song Karishma Shetty, Abhishek Avasthi and Esha Shetty are absolutely fire on screen.

Made under the music label of They See Records and powered by EaseMyTrip .com, Raata Nu’s USP is the remix by DJ Yogii and also the spectacular video edit by Harsh Gfx. Do not forget to like the song and enjoy the track on YouTube

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