Salman Khan Vs. KRK: When the Self Declared Critic Gets Bhai’s Legal Notice

He is the Rakhia Sawant of Bollywood among the men bandwagon. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about Kamal R Khan popularly known as KrK the self proclaimed film critic. He is known to review B Town movies in the most ridiculous way and thanks to his naive acts, Salman Khan seems to have slapped him with a legal notice when he spoke ill about his movie. 

Salman Khan brought his film this Eid calling it an Eidi for his fans, while the film had a decent pick over the box office and at the Zee Plex OTT platform, it failed to get mixed reviews from the critics. When KRK reviewed the film, he went one step further to criticize the film that led lose Salman’s temper allowing him to slap a defamation suit against KRK.

Soon when KRK received the legal notice, he was quick to share it on Twitter claiming that it is Salman Khan’s dejection and frustration of coming out with a ugly movie and seeing it getting flopped that made him send the notice. check his tweet.

Mohd Ziyaullah Khan

Is a Mechanical Engineer by education but a writer by passion and hobby. He has been into the field of Content Writing and Marketing since a decade and loves to write on a wide range of genres. The entertainment genre remains his favorite as he has developed an expertise in writing about B Town and its celebrities.
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