What! Some Moviegoers ask theatre management for a refund after watching Jawan. Check reason

Just when we hear the SRK action film Jawan making a huge collection at the box office, we have stories when some moviegoers are asking for a refund. Yes, you heard it right but the reason is different from what you would think. A theatre in London played the second part of the film Jawan first, leaving the customers agitated. They soon went to the management and asked for a refund.

The customers were confused and angry when they realised that they had been watching the second part of the film first. They had come to the theatre expecting to watch the film in the correct order, but instead they were left feeling cheated. The management apologised for the mistake and offered the customers a refund. The customers were still upset, but they agreed to take the refund.

Later a video capturing the above said incident was shared on Instagram by one of the users called Sahar Rashid. In the video, she is saying in shock and surprise as to how she along with others watched the second half first. The total runtime was one hour and ten minutes of the film, which they watched. The confusion went ahead when the screen displayed an interval sign instead of the usual cast allowing everyone to lose their temper. Soon as the intermission came, the film seemed to be closing. 

You can check the video, which seems to be going viral at the moment. 

In the caption accompanying her post, Rashid wrote, “@vue, you should not only refund one ticket but the entire year’s worth of tickets for spoiling the movie of my dream actor @iamsrk. If only you could see what happened to your fans. The video also showed how the moviegoers were standing in queue to get their refund and the management issued apology giving them the refunds once and all. 

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